Glowy Skin: Tips to Achieve Shimmer and Shine

We’ve all seen it on some of the biggest celebs out there: The golden shimmer, the bronze glow, the sparkle that makes their skin look ethereal. It’s so radiant it’s almost blinding, and people can’t help but stare.

That’s the magic of dewy, glowy skin.

Portrait of elegant long-haired lady with beautiful rose

It makes everything about you seem bright, clean, and brilliant. And it’s achievable, no matter who you are or what your skin type is.

You see, flawless-looking skin can be a genetic blessing, but it’s also a result of healthy lifestyle choices and some well-placed makeup.

And that means that gorgeous, shimmering skin is on the horizon for you too.

Why Glowy Skin Is In

Glowy skin is so in. Everyone’s jumping on the golden goddess trend and finding ways to make their bodies shimmer and shine.

And it all started with celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes and his pioneering glow as seen on his A-list clients, including J-Lo, Beyoncé, and Julianne Moore—turning his signature glow into a Hollywood must-have and desired the world over.

Origin of the Glow

Scott Barnes is a fine art painter-turned-makeup artist. He’s spent over 20 years sculpting and contouring the famous and influential to perfection.

And it was Scott Barnes who originated the glowy, dewy skin look we all strive to attain.

Shimmery skin, bold eyeshadow, and neutral lips. This became the Scott Barnes signature glow. Everyone wanted to mimic the glow, and his internationally best-selling product, the Body Bling bronzer, was born.

Scott Barnes wants to give every woman the chance to discover her glow, and what makes her skin and face shimmer, which is why he’s developed two groundbreaking products to help them get there. Using Scott’s signature shimmering products and following these daily tips can help you achieve this look year-round.

Tips for Glowy Skin

Glowy skin is the product of lifestyle choices, good habits, and enhancing body makeup. If you’re interested in unleashing your inner glow, here are the best tips to get you started.

Stay Hydrated

Healthy skin will always have a subtle, natural glow. It’s what makes some people look incredible even without any makeup on at all. And it’s not just about the products you use; it’s about what you put into your body, too.

Dehydrated skin looks dull and dry. Hydrated skin looks plump and radiant. And the best way to get healthy, hydrated skin is to work from the inside out by drinking enough water every day.

Avoid Sun and Heat Exposure

Burned or dry skin loses all its natural glow. The sun can also activate free radicals that cause damage to your skin cells.

Avoid excessive sun and heat exposure by always using a moisturizer with a high SPF. Not only will it keep your skin looking radiant, but it can also slow down the aging process and make you look younger.

Use Cosmetics Designed by Professional Makeup Artists

There are way too many skincare products on the market today, making it difficult to know what’s right for your skin and what will actually diminish your glow. One of the best ways to avoid this is to always use cosmetics and skincare products designed or recommended by professional makeup artists.

They know what they’re doing, they know what your skin needs, and they can help you find the very best products to hydrate, moisturize, and enhance a natural, effortless glow.

Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizer is the cornerstone of any skincare routine, but it shouldn’t just be for your face. Using a good-quality moisturizer, like one containing aloe vera, all over your body after exfoliation can make a massive impact on your natural glow.

Exfoliating your face and body helps strip your skin of dead skin cells. When followed by a hydrating moisturizer, this can help improve blood flow to your skin, give you a more youthful appearance, and make you sparkle more than you ever dreamed possible.

Use Body Bling

Scott Barnes Body Bling is the original holy grail for glowing skin. The shimmer lotion is an absolutely amazing way to get an even, subtle glow all over your body.

There are three Body Bling shades to choose from, and each can work to give you a different exquisite shine.

Body Bling Trio- Body Bronzing Shimmer Lotion Set
  • Body Bling Platinum is great if you’re going for a cooler, paler glow.
  • Body Bling Rose Gold is excellent if you’re looking for a dewy, blushing shimmer.
  • Body Bling Original is the O.G. glow creator. It’s gorgeous bronze and will leave your skin resembling that of a sun kissed Greek goddess.

Use Pavé Powder

One other great Scott Barnes product for enhancing and creating the perfect shimmer is the Body Bling Pavé Powder. It comes in the same shades as the Body Bling lotion and will complement every skin tone.

The powder can be lightly brushed onto the parts of your body you want to highlight for that unreal, brilliant glow.

If you’re looking to unleash your inner shimmer, try Scott Barnes Body Bling or Pavé Powder today for effortlessly glowy skin!