What Is Body Bling?

Perhaps our most beloved suite of products, Body Bling is our signature line of glow-enhancing powders and lotions, designed for beautiful bodies—head to toe. Like a highlighter for the whole body, Scott Barnes Body Bling creates a warm, sun-kissed glow that helps hide slight imperfections and looks undeniably natural on the skin.

Worn and loved by celebrities and everyday beauty buffs alike, Body Bling brings golden luminance to any skin tone. It’s the perfect finishing touch for nearly any occasion, from a casual first date look to a seductive evening style.

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The Origin and Creation of Body Bling

The idea for Body Bling came naturally, stemming from Scott Barnes’ unique makeup techniques. As an experienced fine art painter, Barnes already possessed a finely tuned artistic sense. With the body as his canvas, he understood that the careful placement of light and shadow can do more than simply contour. Barnes used this skill to create a captivating signature look that would skyrocket his career.

Following a creative whim during a photoshoot, Barnes combined some leftover makeup in a blender to create a smooth mixture. He was inspired by this incident to combine shimmery makeup with blendable powders and lotions, and Body Bling was born.

How Body Bling Shook Up the Beauty Industry

Body Bling didn’t just change the game; it helped to define a new one. For a long time, shimmer and shine had been mostly constrained to facial features like the eyes and lips. When Scott Barnes introduced a light-catching body makeup that could create an overall glittering aura, the whole industry turned its head.

As a rising star in an extremely competitive field, Scott regularly worked as a makeup artist for major celebrity clients. Working with the likes of Jennifer Lopez helped bring Scott’s vision for “The Glow” to the forefront of beauty. As anyone alive in the 2000s-2010s can attest, Jennifer’s warm, golden look was on display in nearly every magazine and sought after by nearly every beauty fanatic. With celebs like Lopez and Kim Kardashian showing off their shine, the trend has continued to thrive ever since.

Sharing the Beauty Secrets of the Stars

In addition to making celebs shine on the red carpet, Barnes truly wanted to make the glowy look accessible to all. Body Bling shook the industry in yet another way by bringing affordable Hollywood glamour to artists and consumers at every level. Rather than keeping his secrets to himself, Barnes gave other professionals the opportunity to offer their own clients the stunning glow they desired.

The influence of Body Bling has remained strong in makeup trends throughout the years. Even today, a dewy, all-over glow is still desired and coveted.The bronzing effect of Body Bling has become Hollywood’s favorite alternative to self-tanner and the source of their glamorous glow. Professional MUAs, models, and celebrities all trust this Scott Barnes signature product to enhance their shine.

A Variety of Bling to Suit Everyone

Every individual has their own unique needs and preferences. To give artists and other beauty connoisseurs the flexibility they need, Scott Barnes has developed a varied range of Body Bling products. From soft, brushable powders to smooth shimmer lotions, there’s an ideal Body Bling for every style and occasion.


Our Body Bling Pavé Powder is a lightweight, blendable product that’s easily brushed onto the skin. Worn on its own, the powder subtly evokes the mesmerizing glimmer of pavé diamonds. It can also be used to set Body Bling lotion, creating a radiant, layered shine.

Just like Body Bling, Pavé Powder is available in all three signature hues: Original, Platinum, and Rose Gold. No matter the skin tone, the golden pigments and sparkling highlights of this diamond-inspired powder makeup bring out the shining star in anyone.

To apply, use our #69 Body Brush—a soft, tapered brush with plenty of play—to sweep the product all over exposed areas. Blend and build to your heart’s (or your client’s) content!


Body Bling Shimmer Lotion is a creamy, moisturizer-rich formula that leaves the skin luxuriously soft and gives it a tan and pigmented glow. Use it on the body for instant sex appeal, or apply it to the face for a glowing makeup base. Unlike messy self-tanners, Body Bling lotion is a temporary, non-staining product that readily washes off in the shower.

Body Bling, the shimmer lotion is available in Original, Platinum, and Rose Gold. Use them individually, or create a custom luster by mixing or layering with other lotions or powders on a Scott Barnes Glass Makeup Palette.

To apply Body Bling Shimmer Lotion, use a large makeup brush or a clean hand to gently blend it all over (onto exposed skin only). Once applied, give the lotion time to finish drying to minimize the chance of transfer. For extra luminance and staying powder, you can also set it with a dusting of Body Bling Pavé Powder.

Suit Your Skin Tone With Original, Platinum or Rose Gold

Scott Barnes Body Bling products are available in three unique color formulations: Original, Platinum, and Rose Gold. This variety of options allows makeup artists and consumers to freely achieve different effects on different skin tones.

  • Original features warm gold tones, creating a bronzed look on fair skin and adding gorgeous luster to olive and dark skin.
  • Platinum features lighter, brighter tones. The pearl base and champagne highlights are especially suited to fair skin.
  • Rose Gold features mid-range Rose tones that can suit a variety of skin types.

Choosing the right product is key to achieving the result you want. For example, if someone has fair skin and wants to look more tanned, the bronzing effect of Original Body Bling can help create that gorgeous, golden aura. If they’re fair-skinned and would prefer a more subtle look, Platinum Body Bling can bring out their inner glow without deepening their complexion.

If you’re a professional makeup artist or are simply unsure which Body Bling to choose, you can also try out different options with our shimmer lotion bundle and trio sets.

Scott Barnes Body Bling

Enhance Your Inner Glow With Scott Barnes Body Bling

Scott Barnes isn’t just a name on the Body Bling label; he’s also the creator of each and every product. His exceptional luxury cosmetics are designed for both beauty professionals and discerning makeup connoisseurs, and they’re always affordably priced.

All Scott Barnes cosmetics are held to the highest ethical and quality standards. Our products are cruelty free, gluten free and GMO free, and many are also vegan. We also use only sustainable, biodegradable cardboard packaging.

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or discerning hobbyist, there’s no better way to bring Hollywood luxury to your looks than with a product worn and loved by real celebrities. Shop the Body Bling collection today and make Scott Barnes’ famous golden glow a staple of your beauty arsenal!