Which Body Bling Is Right for You?

Shimmering, glowing, flawless—three adjectives we all seek when it comes to our skin, from neck to toe. Figuring out which products to use to achieve this near-perfection has been a conundrum for the beauty seekers for decades.

Body Bling Trio- Body Bronzing Shimmer Lotion Set

That is until Scott Barnes Body Bling solved the problem in a whole new way.

This signature product has completely revolutionized the beauty industry and inspired dazzling skin trends amongst celebrities and influencers across the globe.

What Is Body Bling?

Body Bling is an internationally best-selling product and the secret to Scott Barnes’ signature look, The Glow. Models, celebrities, makeup artists, and other professionals in the beauty industry all use Body Bling to mask imperfections and create a luxurious shimmer.

Types of Body Bling

The artisanal Body Bling formula, which comes as both a lotion and a powder, creates a natural-looking, sun-kissed radiance that helps even skin tone for a flawless appearance. If you want an elegantly shimmering body from head to toe, Body Bling is the answer.

Body Bling Lotion

The original Scott Barnes Body Bling that started the worldwide shimmering sensation comes in lotion form. This pigmented moisturizing lotion can be rubbed into the skin on your face, neck, and body, ensuring your glow looks seamless and natural.

Body Bling Powder

The Scott Barnes Pavé Powder allows you to capture the beauty of The Glow in a luxurious powder form. Dusting this lightweight powder across your skin creates a radiant, shimmering effect. Body Bling Pavé Powder was designed specifically to look like sparkling, crushed diamonds dancing on the surface of your skin.

Should You Try Body Bling Lotion or Pavé Powder?

Do you want to get The Glow with moisturizing, shimmering Body Bling lotion or with the luxurious, dazzling Pavé Powder? These products can be worn on their own, or layered together for an extra-glamorous glow. Test out both types of Body Bling, separately and combined together, to see which option makes you feel the most radiant.

Body Bling Shades

What are the differences between the three Body Bling hues and which Body Bling shade is right for you? Scott Barnes Body Bling is available in Original, Platinum, and Rose Gold.

Each shade of Body Bling produces a gorgeous glow for every skin tone and type. The different hues of Body Bling each add their own unique spin on Scott’s signature Glow, so many people like to use all three Body Bling shades for separate occasions or all mixed together.

Original Body Bling

The shimmering, bronzing formula of Scott Barnes Original Body Bling inspired a worldwide phenomenon of glowy skin. This pigmented, moisturizer-rich lotion is an alternative to self-tanner that also yields an unmistakable radiance. Original Body Bling leaves skin looking elegantly bronzed and creates that Hollywood Glow seen on models and celebrities. Scott’s Original Body Bling is good for medium-dark skin tones.

Platinum Body Bling

Original vs Platinum Body Bling—so what’s the difference? Original Body Bling acts as an alternative to self-tanner, while Platinum Body Bling is pearl-based and does not bronze the skin. Platinum Body Bling adds a glow to your skin and helps diminish the look of imperfections without darkening your skin tone. Platinum Body Bling is perfect for light and fair skin tones.

Rose Gold Body Bling

The newest shade of Scott Barnes Body Bling is a warm, sultry Rose Gold. The Rose Gold Body Bling creates a sun-kissed glow with unique pink/red undertones. This one-of-a-kind shade of pigmented lotion creates a soft, blushing radiance. Rose Gold Body Bling looks beautiful with every skin tone.

Which Shade of Body Bling Is Right for You?

If you’re interested in Hollywood’s favorite alternative to self-tanner, the bronzing Original Body Bling is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you want to capture The Glow with subtle champagne highlights, you may prefer Platinum Body Bling. For a uniquely warm glow, the new Rose Gold Body Bling is definitely the best choice.

All three shades of Scott’s artisanal Body Bling formula will produce a glamorous shimmer, help hide imperfections, and even out the appearance of your skin tone. Try mixing the hues together using a Glass Makeup Palette to create your own custom Body Bling blend that’s perfect just for you.

Body Bling Pave Powder

The Best Scott Barnes Body Bling for You

The only way to truly capture The Glow of models and celebrities is to use the same shimmering formula they do—which is Scott Barnes Body Bling! Whether you choose Body Bling Lotion or Scott Barnes Pavé Powder, you can expect to instantly elevate your glam levels and achieve sensual, glowy skin.

Try out Body Bling Original, Platinum, and Rose Gold separately, or blended together using the Scott Barnes Glass Makeup Palette. For more expertly crafted products from Scott Barnes, check out our collection of new makeup releases or explore Scott’s Faves now!