The 4 Ultimate Products for Easy, Natural Makeup

Effortlessly natural at 8 am? We aren’t either. Looking for the perfect quick-and-easy makeup routine that makes you look refreshed without screaming, “I did my makeup just for this”? We’ve got you. The mission to perfect the best easy, natural makeup look in a few simple steps is a tale as old as time, but, luckily for you, we rounded up Scott’s 4 ultimate products (and some bonus picks) for easy, natural makeup to get you off the struggle bus and into golden hour.

Easy, Natural Makeup Pick 1: Body Bling & Highlighter

Easy, natural makeup always begins with your skin. Make sure you start with clean, moisturized skin before getting started, and cover up any blemishes with your fave concealer. Once you have a clean slate, amp up your moisturized skin dew with our Downright Dewy Highlighter.

And, let us tell you, she does exactly what she says she will. Made from Japanese pearl, this formula was developed to provide spherical light refraction (fancy, right?) to give your skin that perfectly healthy, moisturized glow. Use Downright Dewy alone or on top of your fave foundation, depending on how really natural you’re looking to be (or how early in the morning it is).

By the way, this look doesn’t have to stop at your neck. Keep it going with our bonus easy, natural makeup look pick: our Body Bling Lotion. This original bronzing shimmer lotion is often imitated but never duplicated. Get the lotion that started it all and even out your skin tone, hide slight imperfections, and catch the light at every angle even at the elementary school drop-off line.

Easy, Natural Makeup Pick 2: Blush

Blush adds that healthy, sweet glow to your skin, making our wide range of blush singles easy, natural makeup pick number 2. Ideal for all skin tones, our blushes can be worn alone or stacked to find the perfect shade for your face. Just simply swipe it onto the apples of your cheeks with Brush #64 to get that perfectly flush finish.

Easy, Natural Makeup Pick 3: Mascara

When it comes to easy, natural makeup for the eyes, get started with Scott’s go-to: The Scott Barnes Pumped Up Mascara. ​With a glossy, waterproof, ultra-moisturized finish, this mascara is perfect for those who wear false lashes or lash extensions. Haven’t seen your lash artist in a few months? Don’t worry, it works just as great to pump up your your natural lashes. A few coats of this bad boy will be all you need for your easy, natural makeup look for sleek, non-clumpy lashes. For that extra oomph, apply it like Scott by making small wipes and smudges horizontally with the eye line to get a rich base before swiping up.

Speaking of false lashes, our large collection of Falsetto Lashes and Luscious Lashes are perfect for finishing off any and every eye look. Whether you’re just looking for your lashes to pop during a natural “no-makeup makeup” day or are putting the cherry on top of a bolder look, Scott’s wide variety of lashes has something for you.

Easy, Natural Makeup Pick 4: Flossy Glossy in XXX

Despite what the name suggests, the Flossy Glossy in XXX lip gloss is the sweet and simple finish you’re looking for. Scott developed the Flossy Glossy formula to be perfectly pigmented, long-lasting, and non-tacky (seriously, this gloss is never sticky). XXX is a must-have for every makeup lover because it’s the perfect color to wear alone on those easy, natural makeup days or to layer over Lip Fetish Matte for a glowy finish to a bolder color. The best part? It has a chocolate marshmallow scent. You’re welcome.

Scott Barnes Cosmetics

The no-makeup makeup look is all about brightening and amplifying your natural features in a subtle way, and there’s no one better to learn it from than Scott Barnes. Armed with 450 magazine covers, seven films, 283 music videos, an Oscar consideration for his work on El Cantante, working with all your favorite celebs, and 2 of his own bestselling and beloved books, Scott Barnes is an artist at heart.

Scott began as a fine arts painter (Parsons School of Art and Design, anyone?) who used his finely-honed techniques to re-create light, shadow, and texture. At the suggestion of a photographer on set, Scott tried his hand on an entirely new canvas: The face.

Fast forward to Scott Barnes Cosmetics, where has created every aspect of his makeup brand from the ground up. Born on Earth Day, April 22nd, and releasing five brand new palettes on November 21st, Barnes's makeup brand is made from international ingredients worldwide and lovingly made in glass bottles, safe both for your face and for the earth. His makeup brand is a love letter he is putting out into the world to share with everyone who wants the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

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