Top Makeup Hacks from Scott Barnes

Whether you’re just learning the basics or you’ve achieved glam expert status, there are a few makeup hacks from Scott Barnes that you should keep in mind if you want to elevate your future looks. Scott has been revolutionizing the beauty industry for years and knows all the best tips, tricks, and secrets. He makes applying flawless-looking makeup that accentuates your best features look easy…and we want to help you achieve that level of application confidence!

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These professional tips from one of the most renowned, experienced makeup artists in the world can help improve your results.

Look Down When Applying False Lashes

False lashes bring an unparalleled level of drama to any look. Scott Barnes Luscious Lashes and Falsetto Lashes can give you a glamorous, wide-eyed effect for any occasion.

The best way to apply false lashes is to angle a mirror below your line of sight and look down as you put them on. This technique will help you get the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, and it will also make it easier to evenly apply the strip in a straight line across your eyelid.

Use Body Bling for a Natural-Looking Makeup Base

Do you want to flaunt makeup that looks effortless and natural? The secret to easy, natural makeup is to start with a base that already appears flawless. Body Bling can help by hiding imperfections, evening out the look of your skin tone, and adding a warm, luxurious glow to your complexion.

Body Bling can be used on the face or body, giving you shimmering, moisturized skin from head to toe. Applying makeup on top of this natural base is the key to achieving professional-looking results. Add small amounts of Body Bling to key points of the face, such as on your cheekbones and brow bone, to bring out a glow from within.

If you want to achieve the signature Scott Barnes Glow, try his technique of mixing Body Bling with foundation using a Glass Palette designed for blending makeup. Brush this mixture on your cheekbones and brow bone using the Scott Barnes Foundation Brush #68 for optimal results.

Mix Your Own Custom Cosmetic Colors

Do you ever wish your favorite lip color was a little darker or that your go-to Body Bling was a little rosier? Use the Scott Barnes Glass Makeup Palette to blend your own custom colors for a variety of cosmetics, including Body Blings, bronzers, lip and eye products, and more. The nonabsorbent surface of our glass palette is the best place to mix and test different shades of makeup.

Apply Eyelash Glue with a Bobby Pin

Eyelash glue can be messy, and even the pros may struggle with applying an even layer of glue to false eyelashes. Instead of using your finger, try using a bobby pin or toothpick. This makeup hack can help you avoid clumpy glue.

Learn How to Compliment Your Eye Shape

Your eye shape is unique, and what works for someone else may not be the right choice for you. Are your eyes upturned or downturned, hooded or monolid, almond or round? These features impact how you should be applying makeup and determine the best false eyelashes for your eye shape. Figure out your distinct eye shape and learn how to accentuate your best features.

Find Your Personal Perfect Shade of Nude

It’s important to learn which shades of makeup work best for your skin tone, and Scott Barnes believes it’s essential to find your ideal shade of nude. Nude makeup for your lips and eyes is a timeless look that is appropriate for any occasion.

Shades of nude come in a wide variety, from fair, sandy beiges to deep, rich browns. Which shade of nude best compliments your skin tone? Experiment with different hues on your skin in natural lighting until you find the right shade.

Taking your undertones into consideration is essential for finding your ideal neutrals and nudes. For example, if you have warm and golden undertones, then Commando Lip Fetish is a great option for a subtle, nude matte lip. If you have cooler undertones, on the other hand, you may prefer Engagement Lip Fetish - a cool blush nude.

Elevate Eye Makeup with an Eyeshadow Palette

Professional makeup artists have all kinds of tips and tricks to make eyes look bigger, wider, and more alert. Scott Barnes eyeshadow palettes are expertly curated with an assortment of colors that can be used to elevate your entire look. Using a professional eyeshadow palette is the best way to build your base, define your crease, and create a seamless, blended finish.

Scott Barnes recommends having both a natural eyeshadow palette and a colorful eyeshadow palette so that you’re always ready for any occasion. Finish off an elevated eyeshadow look by highlighting your waterline and brow bone with a white eyeliner pencil to make those eyes appear even more prominent.

Emphasize Either Your Eyes or Your Lips

Choose either your eyes or your lips to emphasize, but not both – unless you really want to make a statement or you’re going for a specific bold look inspired by experts like Scott Barnes. This makeup hack will help you create a more balanced look. The first step is to decide if you want to achieve a stunning, bold lip, or if you’d rather bring the focus to your eyes.

Scott’s Top Makeup Hacks for Lips

Professional makeup artists have lots of tips and tricks to make lips look more plump and appealing. If you’re using a gloss, follow this hack for even fuller-looking lips. After applying Lip Fetish or a matte lip, use your finger to tap extra dots of gloss onto the center of your bottom lip and the top of the lip at your cupid's bow. Then push the gloss to the edge of your lip line, to create a shimmering definition and highlight your natural plumpness.

Lips can become the star of the show either with a bold lip color or emphasis on their shape and fullness. Bring definition to the beautiful shape of your lips with Scott Barnes lip liner or with Lip Fetish Matte lipstick. Then add a dab of Downright Dewy highlighter to your cupid’s bow to make your lips look even more plump and full. Using this tip will help you achieve the signature Naughty and Nice look from Scott Barnes.

Scott’s Top Makeup Hacks for Eyes

When should you play up your eyes? A sexy cat eye with dramatic lashes is perfect for a night out, while strong eyebrows with a fierce gaze is ideal in a professional setting.

Eyeshadow palettes, mascara, and false eyelashes are the best tools for emphasizing your eyes. When applying eyeshadow or eyeliner, focus the pigmentation on the outer corner of your eye. This technique makes eyes look more elongated, uplifted, and defined.

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Always Use the Right Tools for the Job

If you want results like a professional makeup artist, you need to use high-quality cosmetics and the proper tools and accessories. Using the right brushes will allow for smooth, precise makeup application.

The Scott Barnes Pro Brush Set is complete with all the brushes you’ll need for a full face look, including multiple brushes for the eyes, lips, and face. Each brush has been masterfully designed by Scott to perform a specific function and achieve the best results possible.

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It pays off to follow Scott’s advice, since he has years of experience applying makeup for celebrities and developing artisan cosmetics. Following his top makeup hacks is a great way to improve your own skills and instantly boost your glam levels. To elevate your looks even further, make sure that you’re using Scott’s personal favorite products. These cosmetics and tools are essential for getting the Scott Barnes signature look.

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