Scott's Top 5 Picks for the Perfect Nudes

Nude isn’t just some boring blend of beige anymore, and it’s high time you find your perfect shade. Light, dark, or in between—nudes complement every single skin tone and work for every single occasion. Whether you’re heading to your first post-quar dinner date or you want to look like you Woke Up Like This for a dreaded 9 am Zoom, keep reading for Scott’s Top 5 Picks for the Perfect Nudes for the body, eyes, face, and lips.

Perfect Nude #1: BODY

Everyone knows that perfect nudes start with the skin, which is why Scott chose his #69 Body Brush as his top Perfect Nude pick.

Specifically designed to be used with the Pave Powder, Scott’s newest brush works perfectly for the body (and face!) for a flawless application. Give yourself that perfect dewy-yet-blurred photo finish we’re all pining for, and your perfect nude is set up for success. Super soft and super ethical, no animals were hurt in the development of this Taklon brush with synthetic fiber hairs.

Oh, and the Pave Powder? Here’s a bonus Perfect Nude Pick: If you’re ready to glow like JLo (literally—he uses this on her!), this luxe powder formula was created to mimic the effect of crushed diamonds. Sweep it all over from head to toe with the #69 Body Brush for a show-stopping sparkle or, for that extra extra, layer it on top of Scott’s signature Body Bling and watch the heads really start turning.

Perfect Nude #2: EYES

Channel your inner 90’s supermodel with Scott’s Perfect Nude pick #2: The Atelier Palette.

Seriously, look no further: This is the perfect go-to everyday palette complete with cool tones, pops of color, and gorgeous neutrals. If the makeup of 90s supermodels taught us anything, it’s timeless shades. Keep it simple or build on some drama—all twenty shades were specifically designed to complement each other and you.

And, let’s talk color payoff. Atelier literally means “artist’s studio,” so these babies have a vibrancy like you would never expect in a nude-based palette. Swipe and go or build and be bold; if you’re looking for the perfect all-around palette, Atelier is all you need.

Perfect Nude #3: FACE

No two nudes are the same, especially with Scott’s Perfect Nude pick #3: The Sculpting and Contour Palette.

Scott’s go-to palette is, well, exactly what it sounds like: Sculpting and contouring jawlines, cheeks, forehead, brows, and bronzing. It’s filled with eight incredible colors carefully positioned for mixing new combinations, allowing you to easily find your perfect shade on your own. You can go natural or keep going for bronze to look like you just got back from St. Tropez. Inspired by Scott’s fine arts background, this palette is perfect for blending and cutting the perfect nude look, day or night, and will have you feeling like Monet himself.

Perfect Nude #4: LIPS

There has never been a better blush nude lip gloss than Scott’s Lip Fetish Matte in Engagement, making it his Perfect Nude Pick #4.

The entire Lip Fetish Matte collection was personally designed, named, and developed by Scott to give a wide range of long-wearing staples—even when it’s the only thing you’re wearing. Engagement puts your money where your mouth is with its non-drying, comfortable formula that also gives you a long-lasting matte finish. To that, we say: I do.

Perfect Nude #4: MORE LIPS

Scott’s Perfect Nude pick #4 is his go-to lip pencil: Cindy.

Pairing effortlessly with almost every single color from the Lip Fetish Matte and Flossy Glossy collections, you won’t ever need another neutral lip liner. Bold enough to build for the catwalk, yet neutral enough for daily wear, Cindy was inspired by supermodels of the ’90s (like you didn’t already know) and their legendary sultry pouts. Cindy is Scott’s go-to, but there are nine other beauties in this lineup of liners—Claudia, Helena, Tatjana, Karen, Christy, Kate, Linda, Tyra, and Naomi.

Scott Barnes Cosmetics

Scott knows a thing or two about finding and formulating the perfect nude shades. Armed with 450 magazine covers, seven films, 283 music videos, an Oscar consideration for his work on El Cantante, working with all your favorite celebs, and 2 of his own bestselling and beloved books, Scott Barnes is an artist at heart. He began as a fine arts painter (Parsons School of Art and Design, anyone?) who used his finely-honed techniques to re-create light, shadow, and texture. At the suggestion of a photographer on set, Scott tried his hand on an entirely new canvas: The face.

Scott Barnes has created every aspect of his makeup brand from the ground up, releasing five brand new palettes on November 21st. Born on Earth Day, April 22nd, Barnes's makeup brand is made from international ingredients worldwide and lovingly made in glass bottles, safe both for your face and for the earth. His makeup brand is a love letter he is putting out into the world to share with everyone who wants the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. “I want to give sanctity and ritual to what every woman does in front of her own bathroom mirror.”

If you’re ready for your perfect nude (no, not that kind) or want to shop more of Scott’s faves, click here to shop the collection.