3 Tips For Finding The Best Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape

If you ask Scott Barnes, a great pair of false lashes is a must-have cherry on top for each and every makeup look. We understand that finding the perfect pair, especially when shopping online, can be a little tricky (and scary!). Luckily, we are here to help you with our 3 tips for finding the best eyelashes for your lash shape to get your lashes poppin’ ASAP.

Tip 1: Determine Your Eye Shape

The first and foremost tip for finding the best eyelashes for your eye shape is to, well, figure out what eye shape you are. Grab a mirror and look closely, as straight ahead as possible, to see how you match up to these 4 major eye shapes:

  • Almond - Do you only see the whites of your eyes on the sides and not on the top or bottom? Is there a visible crease in your eyelid? If you answer yes to these: Congratulations. You have almond eyes, the most universal eye shape.
    • We recommend: Pretty much any false lash set is gonna look great on you, so just skip to the end of this blog and get shopping.
  • Deep-set - Is your brow bone prominent? Do you have short and small eyelids? If so, you have deep-set eyes. You’re going to want long, curled eyelashes to bring your eyes out and make them stand out more. The trick here is to make sure they’re not too dramatic, or you run the risk of overpowering the rest of your makeup.
  • Hooded - Are you unable to see a crease in your eye, because the skin under your brow is covering it? If so, you’ve got hooded eyes and we need lashes that are full in the middle to bring more dimension to the center of your eye.
  • Round - Can you see the whites of your eyes on top and/or below your iris when you look in the mirror? If so, you’ve got big round eyes. Since the center of your eye is the most prominent, we need to elongate them with lashes that are heavy on the ends (instead of the center).

Tip 2: Consider Your Makeup Look

Before you get started finding the best eyelashes for your eye shape, consider your beat for the day (or night). Are you going more natural, dramatic, or somewhere in between? If you’ve got a bold lip going, go easy on the eyes for a more even and balanced look. If you’re in the mood to blend out a serious smokey, grab the bold lashes and enjoy watching the heads turn.

  • For a more natural look, try a shorter, more wispy eyelash set like Kelly Luscious Lashes. Lashes with a flat, matte finish will have a softer look and feel, making them appear more natural, which is exactly what our Luscious Lashes will give you. The less cluster and more criss-cross, the more natural and even they will appear. To amp up natural, wispy lashes and transition them to a night look, swipe some coats of Pumped Up Mascara to give it a more glossy finish. For a bolder look, go for a set with clusters of varying lengths and thickness to give yourself that multi-dimensional look.
  • For a super sexy bold look, try Sophia from our Luscious Lash collection or Olivia from our Falsetto collection.

Tip 3: Just Keep Playing

The best part about makeup is that everyone can make it their own. Give two people the same makeup and tools, and you will be sure to wind up with two totally different looks. While we do our best to make all the best professional recommendations based on your look and eye shape, makeup (and especially false lashes) all just comes down to personal preference, skill level, and your artistry vibe. The ultimate tip for finding the best eyelashes for your eye shape? Just keep playing!

Scott Barnes Cosmetics

Scott Barnes carefully created and designed each and every set of lashes in his Falsetto and Luscious collections to look good on everybody, no matter your eye shape. Want a doe-eyed look? Olivia. Piecey and dramatic? Vanessa. The best part? He doesn’t stop with his lash collections, because Scott Barnes doesn’t just slap his name on his products. He has created every aspect of his makeup brand from the ground up. And with his endless credits and decades in the makeup industry? You’re going to want your hands on what he has to offer.

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