Episode #7 - The History of Makeup | Time Travel Series with Scott Barnes: The Sensational 70's

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Scott Barnes Sensational 70's Makeup Video


Join me on another adventure back in time to explore the History of Makeup. This episode we'll be taking a look at the sensational 70's. It was a decade of trends and fashion. It was also an important time for environmentalism, the womens movement and social change. People turned to pop culture and fun. It was sexy, decadent and Famous for things like Bell bottoms and disco.
For this week's episode I pay homage to those who have inspired me from this decade, some of my favorites in fashion and photography in the 1970's. Photographer Chis Von Wangenheim, and Fashion Designer Halston to name a few. So come with me to the Sensational 70s.
Products used:
New Blush Shade Samba Sass (to be released Summer 21)
Brushes Used:

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  • Lydia

    Pins and needles after seeing that amazing blush palette!

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