Episode #4 - The History of Makeup | Time Travel Series with Scott Barnes: 1940's

Scott Barnes 40's Makeup Video

Join me on another adventure back in time to explore the history of makeup. This episode we'll be taking a look at the 1940's .
The era of World War II and although America is at war, Hollywood was still very glamorous. Women were in the workforce during this time period , both in the army and supporting the troops at home. I transformed Lady Laken into 3 different looks - A classic 1940's look for the women at home, the army look and an homage to my favorite Actress - Rita Hayworth.
Which look is your favorite?
Xoxo Scott



Products used:

Daddy Issues Lip Fetish

Pumped up Mascara

Pave Powder in Platinum

Glow and Showy Highlighter Palette

Sculpting and Contour Palette

Falsetto Lash style Fabiana

NARS Exhibit A Blush

MAC Ruby Woo Liner

Lippy Butter London in Come to Bed Red

Senna Brow Fix X Gel in Blonde Shimmer

Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte in shade Earthquake



Body Brush #69

#68 Foundation Brush

#66 Sheer Powder Brush

#64 Highlighter brush

#62 Blending brush

#61 Eye Fan Brush

#60 Lip and Eye Duality Liner

#59 Eye and Lip Definer Brush



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