Episode #3: The History of Makeup | Time Travel Series with Scott Barnes: The Golden 1930's

Scott Barnes Golden 30's Makeup Video

Join me on another adventure back in time to explore the history of makeup. This episode we'll be taking a look at the 1930's. The era of the great depression, and the golden age of Hollywood. It was all about escape into radio, jazz and motion pictures. Who is your favorite Hollywood starlet?


Atelier Eyeshadow Palette

Colour Bomb Eyeshadow Palette

Sculpting and Contour Palette

Glowy and Showy Palette

Chic Cheek Palette

Pave Powder in Rose Gold

Pumped up Mascara

Multi Media Foundation in Bisque: Out of Stock

Dior Lip liner shade 884

Dior Lip stick shade 999

Danessa Myricks Clear Glaze

Callas Glue


Lip and Eye Precision Liner #59

#60 Lip and Eye Duality Liner

#62 The Eye Blender

#61 The Eye Fan

#64 Highlighter Brush

#69 Body Brush

#66 Powder Sheer Brush

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