Episode #2: The History of Makeup | Time Travel Series with Scott Barnes: The Roaring 1920's

Scott Barnes Roaring 1920's Makeup Video

Join me as I travel back in time to show you how to get the look of a Flapper from the Roaring 1920s. See the products I used to get the look listed below. I hope you enjoy. Xoxo Scott


Mesmerize Palette

Atelier Palette

Sculpting Contour Palette

Chic Cheek Palette

Pave Powder in Shade Rose Gold

Vixen lipgloss from Naughty List set

Atelier Lip Liner shade Naomi

Pumped Up Mascara

Besame Cake Mascara

Kelly Lash

Brushes :

Body Brush #69

Foundation Brush #68

Powder Sheer #66

Highlighter #64

Eye Winger #63

Eye Blender #62

Lip and Eye Precision Liner #59



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