Episode #11 - The History of Makeup | Time Travel Series with Scott Barnes: Decade of the Glow

Scott Barnes The Decade of the Glow Makeup Video


Join me on another adventure back in time to explore the History of Makeup. This episode we'll be taking a look at 2010-2019, The decade of the Glow.

This was the decade I really came into an authoritative role in the makeup industry. I wrote two books, empowering women through my work with Jennifer Lopez and other celebrity clients.

I set the world on fire with contouring when doing Kim Kardasian's makeup in 2012. She asked to photograph my techniques for Instagram, and it went viral. This was when my method of contouring hit the mainstream.

You won't want to miss it as I discuss this amazing decade, where I created the Glow, the monochromatic makeup look and much more.

Xox Scott

Product Used:

Downright Dewy in Shade golden Highlighter (Not yet released coming soon )
Maxxx out Mascara (Not yet released coming soon)


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