Top Tips for How to Apply Blush

Your foundation is good to go, and you’ve created the perfect canvas for applying the rest of your look. The next logical step is adding your blush, and it can be tempting to choose a shade that looks nice and quickly sweep it over your cheeks.

But spending a little bit of time learning how to apply blush the right way for your face shape (with a brush designed for blush application and a shade that works best for you) can elevate your entire makeup look to a whole new level.

Read on for some top tips from celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes on how to apply blush in a way that lifts and brightens your face, looks natural, and lasts all day.

mango blush scott barnes

Determine Your Face Shape

When it comes to blush, there is no “one-size-fits-all approach” in terms of where to apply the product on your cheeks. It all comes down to the shape of your face. There are six main face shapes to consider:

  • Square: Width measurements and length measurements are similar and features on a square face are generally more angular and sharp.
  • Heart: Forehead is wider than face width and jawline width, chin is pointed.
  • Oval: Forehead width is smaller than face width and face is slightly longer than it is wide, but features are generally rounded.
  • Oblong: Face is longer than it is wide, and the forehead, face, and jawline width are similar. The jaw and hairline are typically rounded.
  • Round: Hairline and jaw are rounded and face length and width are almost the same.
  • Triangular: Long forehead and face width and a narrower jawline width.

Texture and Consistency

Just like foundation, your blush needs a perfectly prepped canvas to stick properly to the skin and last throughout the day. Before we get to the ideal application process based on the gorgeous shape of your face, let’s talk about formulas.

Make sure that the formula of your blush is suitable for going over your foundation. For example, a cream blusher is not likely to blend well onto a matte, powder finish foundation.

Choosing between different mediums of blushes can help you keep it light and subtle or build the product to add a touch more drama to the finished look. For a more natural look a cream blush will keep your skin looking like skin, which still can be built up and layered with a powder blush for added impact. For a bolder pop of color, pigmented powder blushes such as Scott’s blush singles are perfect. Rest assured though, Scott’s blushes stay all day achieving that effortless look.

Scott’s blush singles


Okay, back to your unique, beautiful face shape. This step is where that information is really going to matter. Applying blush to the right places will help to make the most out of your face shape, softening and highlighting features as needed.

  • Square: Imagine a line from the start of your eyebrow down onto your cheek and apply the blush from this spot low on the cheek, all the way across and blend out upward to create an “apple cheek” effect on square-shaped faces.
  • Heart: For heart-shaped faces, apply blush in a “C” around the temple and cheekbone. Start on the cheek along the cheekbone and push back and upwards to the temples.
  • Oval: For oval faces, maintain a fairly straight application along the cheekbones.
  • Oblong: For long faces, focus the main application of the blush on the apples where your cheek is most prominent and sweep it out and upwards towards the outer tip of your brows.
  • Round: Start under the cheekbones and sweep upwards all the way to the temples.
  • Triangular: Balance the forehead width by creating a V from the cheek, along the cheekbone to the temple, and lightly up near the middle of the forehead.

Blend It Out

No matter what angles you’re creating with blush, it’s super important to blend it out. You’re better off blending properly and building an extra layer or two for more pigment than creating a harsh finish.

Some people prefer to use their fingers for cream blushes, but a small duo fiber brush or foundation brush, such as PRO BRUSH #68, will give you a more even finish. For powder blush, start with a medium-sized, rounded blush brush, like PRO BRUSH #64.

Don't Fret, Just Set

Ideally, you’ll be wearing a blush that’s been specifically designed with high-quality ingredients and pigments that last all day, but some people just feel more comfortable setting their entire look.

While not necessary for everyday wear, a setting spray may help keep your overall makeup look in place during heavy-duty wear, like for a wedding or poolside party.

Choose Your Best Blush

Whether you’re looking for one specific shade or want a whole palette of options, Scott Barnes offers a range of blushes that are both buildable and blendable, so you can get your exact shade by combining colors and building the intensity.

No matter your skin tone or pigment preferences, you’ll find just the right shades for you. Have your cheeks be spot-on with Scott Barnes blush singles and check out some of Scott’s faves.