The Complete Pro Brush Set Breakdown

As any good artist knows, your work is only as good as the tools you are given. Each brush in the Scott Barnes Pro Brush Set has a distinct purpose, designed for airbrushed precision and ease for every application. Keep reading to learn more about all of the brushes in the Scott Barnes Pro Brush Set as well as some of our fave tips and tricks.



Two simple words are all you need for brush #59, the Lip and Eye Precision Liner: Line and define. But we won’t leave you hanging there. This brush is incredibly precise with a slanted, blunt angle to make sure you’re able to reach and swipe for perfectly lined lips and an expertly flicked cat-eye.


  • Densely-packed synthetic fiber won’t shed or change shape
  • Developed for precise detail when it comes to liners
  • Ultra-thin tip means you can build the boldness
  • Works like a dream with the shade SERVING LEWKS from the Atelier eyeshadow palette


For a smudgy, smokey look that doesn’t require as much precision as brush #59, the Lip and Eye Duality Liner brush #60 is your girl. Slightly thicker, but still densely packed, this brush has a bit more flexibility to allow for smudging eyes and filling lips while also maintaining the ability to define and edge. Tip: Use this brush as the main workhorse for your lips and eyes before grabbing #59 to refine and clean up.


If you’ve never used an eye fan brush, get ready to become—well, a fan. Brush #61, the Eye Fan, is a one-of-a-kind brush designed to mimic an eyelid. It’s fine-packed to allow for versatility while also thick and firm for swift definition.

Tip: As we said, this brush is versatile. Scott uses this brush not only for the eyes but also as a contouring tool for the bridge of the nose.


Rule #1 when it comes to doing your makeup is: BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. Brush #62, the Eye Blender, fits perfectly into the eyelid crease and blends to airbrushed perfection every time. And, it's great as an applicator, too, making it a popular all-around tool simply known as “The Brush''.

  • Tapered paintbrush tip to make you feel like the true artist you are
  • Does not shed or change shape
  • Cruelty-free and made with 100% synthetic fibers
  • For a great smokey eye, use with ON THE LIST from Atelier eyeshadow palette


If you’re a wing lover, this is the tool you never knew you needed: #63 The Eye Winger. Scott designed this brush for outer eye drama: perfect sweeps, gorgeous wings, and looks with lots of movement. The “Smokey Wing” (patent pending) design is a precision tool to go along with brush #62.

  • Use it for blending and application of eyeshadow, eyelids, and creases, along the nose and around eyes for contouring
  • Allows you a winged flick up and out easily with an anchored wrist
  • Blunt Angled Round Brush design does not shed or change shape


Brush #64 is called The Highlighter, but it’s the ultimate blush brush upgrade and applicator for highlighter, blush, and contour. Use it like Scott as your go-to for powder as well as the under and inner eye.

  • Tightness of the highly-packed tip allows for pressing and smudging
  • Thick base gives you the fullness you crave with a blush brush
  • Pick up, swirl, and lay down makeup efficiently
  • Try it with Chic Cheek palette shades MINIMALIST and STRIKE A ROSE


Scott refers to this brush as “The Brush You Can’t Live Without”. This multi-purpose brush is going to see tons of action (in your makeup kit). Shape jawlines, lay down powder or bronzer, and toast your edges to your heart’s content with #65: The Flawless Face Brush. Once it’s all laid down, the densely packed bristles also work as a pair with #64 to allow you to buff and refine your work when you’re all done.


The #66 Powder Sheer Brush is going to change what you think about powder applicators. The small bristles at the bottom sweep into larger bristles, allowing you to cover more real estate more quickly. The brush has looser packing than the other face brushes, perfect for those light touch-ups, while also creating a full look. No streaks; just smooth, rich coverage.


The #67 Good Face Brush is what you’ll grab when you’re looking to cover large areas quickly. And, despite the name, this brush is perfect for more than just the face. Scott frequently uses it on the neckline, jawline, chest, and shoulders to stack on makeup and powder. This brush has longer bristles than your average powder brush, allowing for a lot of airbrushed coverage and, of course, a lot of attention.


When applying foundation, you’re going to want softness, richness, and payoff — and the #67 Foundation Brush does not disappoint. Designed for maximum layout, these bristles make sure the foundation goes on your face, and not soaked into the brush. Perfect for all types of foundation — powder, cream, or liquid — this multi-fiber straight-edge brush is the only thing Scott will use when it comes to applying foundation.

Scott Barnes Cosmetics

Every painter needs their brush — especially when you’re a makeup artist. Scott Barnes began as a fine arts painter before becoming one of the world’s most renowned makeup artists, allowing him a unique perspective on high-quality professional tools.

All of Scott’s brushes feature:

  • Cruelty-Free, 100% Synthetic Fibers
  • All wood handles
  • Aluminum ferrules
  • Feature the iconic ‘Scott Barnes’ hot stamp
  • Don’t shed
  • Do not change shape
  • Easy to clean with make-up brush cleanser
Click here for more on Scott Barnes Cosmetics and to shop his complete Pro Brush Set , and click here to watch our YouTube video for a complete Pro Brush smokey eye tutorial.