How to Choose the Best Lip Liner for You

Everything comes back around. From crop tops to chokers to platform shoes, we're seeing a resurfacing of past trends we loved (and some we loved to hate). But when it comes to the former, things we couldn't get enough of, certain lip products are at the top of our list. So, just because it's not 1993, doesn't mean you should disregard the power of a great lip liner. After all, some of the most iconic supermodels were known for their bold, lined lips!

Using the right liner can ensure that your lips look fuller and more shapely. It also helps to keep your lipstick from feathering and lasts longer throughout the day. But there are lots of options when it comes to lip liner with different types, formulas, and shades. So, here are some top tips on how to choose the best lip liner for you.

Types of Lip Liner

Lip Pencils

The most popular and typical form of lip liner is in a pencil. Much like an eyeliner pencil, this type of lip liner usually comes with an already sharpened point that can be re-sharpened if the point becomes too rounded with use. Scott’s Atelier Lip Liner Collection features a luscious shade to complement every skin tone and comes with its very own stainless steel sharpener. A makeup artist favorite/ go to.Lip liner kate

Lip Liner Pens

With a lip liner pen, you generally twist a retractable liner from one end of a pencil-shaped container. As you can't sharpen these as easily as you can crayons or pencils, it can be tricky to achieve a crisp, clean line after multiple uses.

Lip Liner Crayons

Lip liner crayons are a beginner’s dream. They tend to be chunkier than pencils and retractable pens, making them perfect for when you want to cover a lot of volume over your lips with your liner.

Lip Liner Formulas

Many lip liners come with a fairly dense, potentially chalky formula, usually providing a matte finish. Since one of their main purposes is to maintain the longevity of your lip color and keep it from spreading above the lip line, it doesn’t tend to budge much once applied.

However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a moisturizing feel for a crisp line, especially if you are prone to dry lips. Look for a lip liner pencil with hydrating ingredients like shea butter. Scott’s Atelier Lip Liners have wax and shea butter, making them glide on and last, without feeling dry.

Lip liner pens and crayons will often have creamier formulas, but they also tend to not last as long as lip pencils, and you may lose out on clean lines. They also break easily. But if you’re looking to blend your lip liner into your lipstick, go for PRO BRUSH #59 to create a seamless transition.

Applying Lip Liner: Easy as 1-2-3

Start by prepping your lips to ensure the pencil applies easily and evenly. Use a lip scrub to achieve a smooth surface and apply some moisturizing lip balm. This is especially important if you’ll be using matte lipstick.

Once the lip balm has dried, take your lip liner and start with the top lip. Starting from the inner point of your cupid’s bow, apply the lip liner in short strokes, working from the middle of your cupid’s bow out to the corner of your mouth before switching to the other side.

Next, move onto your bottom lip. Identify the lowest point in the middle of your bottom lip and start from there. Just like the top lip, start from the middle and work your way out to the corners of your mouth using short strokes. Shorter strokes allow you to make sure you’re working your way evenly along the line of your lips.

One great reason Scott’s Lip Liners are made of wood is to be able to use the wood to feather out the liner as you drag it across your lips. If you want a fuller look, apply the liner just outside the vermillion border of your lip.

Once you’re satisfied, you can carry on with applying your lipstick and gloss to finish the look!

Color Combos

When choosing a lip liner, it can be tricky to decide which shade of lip liner matches best with your lipstick or stain. The most essential rule to remember is to keep your lip liner and lipstick within the same “family” of shades.

Lip liner color shades

Generally, your lip liner color should be no more than two shades darker than your lipstick color. If you’re going with super dark, dramatic lips, you can go a little darker again with your lip liner. The closer your lip liner shade is to your lip color, the more natural the finish will be.

Shop Your New Favorite Lip Liner

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