Date Night Done Right

date night makeup

What’s your idea of a  perfect date night? A night on the town dancing your heart out? A chill evening at home? Or a romantic candlelight dinner at your favorite restaurant?

Whatever it might be, a date night should be special—and you want your makeup to reflect just what this evening means to you.

To help keep you from falling into the same old makeup routine you follow for casual get-togethers and the office (or Zoom meetings), we’ve pulled together eight date night makeup ideas to help you inspire some new looks!

And if you’re worried that your current makeup arsenal won’t be able to help you achieve these looks, well Scott Barnes has everything you need.

Natural in Neutrals

Here’s a low-key look that brings out your best features in a natural, glowy way. Start with a nourishing facial balm, and massage that into your face until fully absorbed. Then, apply your routine skin makeup. After that, take up a fluffy brush and apply shades of matte taupes and browns in varying shades contouring and bronzing your face and eyelids for subtle shadows and warmth. Not sure if you have the right shades? Grab our Neutrals and Nudes collection, and you’re good to glow!

Smoky Eyes

This date night makeup look is a classic. Make your eyes attract, excite, and intrigue that special someone. After putting on your foundation and grooming those beautiful brows, grab the Atelier Eyeshadow Palette, dust a light pink shade on the inside of your lids blending out towards a reddish-brown shade.Finish with a bit of lighter browns on the creases and corners of your eyes. For a traditional, smoldering look, neutrals are your top pick, but feel free to experiment with different shades until you find the perfect mix of eye makeup to make your eye color stand out!

Bold Lips

Romantic reds add a pop to your look and allure to your lips, whether it be a light, playful coral or a deep, seductive crimson. Scoop a bit of lip scrub onto your lips to prep, massage your lips in little circles (this helps remove dead skin), and take away residue with a tissue. Swipe and slide some shine and color on in a gliding motion for a stained pout effect. Don’t forget to pair these irresistible lips with shimmery gold eyeshadow and a coat of mascara.

Shimmer in Glitter

A coat of mascara

Shining shades are a stunning addition to your date night makeup routine. A lovely option is to apply rose gold shimmers and chrome to the middle of the eyelids and blend them out to the edges. If you’re feeling bold and powerful, golds, browns, or even blue shimmers can be just the perfect touch to add a bit of glamor to your look. Our Shimmering Sands collection has everything you need for this glowing look.

Peachy Keen

Consider adding orange shades into your makeup repertoire especially for autumn date nights. If you’ve seen the Bronze Tutorial collection from Scott Barnes, you’ll understand how varying shades of apricot and peach on your eyes, cheeks, and lips can look sexy. Keep things sheer, not saturated, and this surprising color just might excite and delight your features. 

Blushing Rose

There’s nothing more attractive than someone looking down, smiling, and blushing after you’ve just paid them a compliment. Lightly sweep your shade upwards toward your temple from the apple of your cheekbones, depending on the contour of your face. Bring on the blushes with a satin-finish foundation and spot-conceal (let’s go for that glowy base) and your preferred shade from the cheek palette. Or why not go for the deep, unique colors by mixing and matching the different shades? Using a brush, swipe the powder across your eyelids and swirl them onto the apples of your cheeks. Think Pink on casual, fun dates, or if you’re heading out to dance, a Royal Splash may be just the look you need.

Soft n' Sweet

Want to look effortlessly fresh-faced for your evening? Using a nourishing pre-makeup regimen, such as massaging your face with a cleansing and moisturizing oil and perfectly shaping your eyebrows, you can lay a subtle layer of foundation for this minimalistic look. Next, apply a small winged eyeliner.This brings out the shape of your eyes and cheeks and gives your face a subtle depth.

Cat’s Eyes

maxxx out mascara

Depending on the location of your event and outfit of choice, going with a bold and graphic makeup look can be crazy cool. Get a skinny eyeliner brush and gel cream outliner. Start with thin, careful lines from the inner corners of your eyes and then flick outward. First timer? Check out our tips for stunning eyes to create the right cat eye for your eye shape and make a fierce statement accentuating your irresistible eyes.

What’s Your Date Night Look?

While this isn’t the ultimate list of beautiful makeup looks for special occasions, it’s a great place to start. Your face is unique–just like each date night! So, pick one (or two) of these ideas to use on your next date and see which ones best fit your style.

Here at Scott Barnes, we know that date nights are intimate, exciting, and special. That’s why we create makeup products that are cruelty- and gluten-free, with sustainable product packaging, so that you can enjoy that perfect date night makeup look free of guilt and worries. Browse Scott Barnes collections to get that unique look today!