Build Your Makeup Kit Like a Pro

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a beauty aficionado, there are a few things all pro-level makeup kits must have. Here’s everything you need to build your kit.

For the Face

Scott Barnes Sculpting & Contour


Primer preps the skin for makeup application. A face primer smooths the surface and reduces the appearance of pores. You might also use an eyelid primer to help shadows adhere and blend smoothly.

Color-Correcting Products

Color correction helps to cancel out redness and even out skin tone. A palette with a variety of colors can tackle blemishes, irritation, dark circles, and other discoloration.


Concealer helps to camouflage blemishes, redness, and other irregularities. For different clients, choose a concealer palette with various shades that can be mixed as needed.


Contouring aids in sculpting the face with depth and shadow. For flexibility, choose a product like the Scott Barnes Sculpting & Contour No° 1 palette. The shades can be used alone or blended together to create the perfect contour for any skin tone.


Whether you go with a liquid, cream or powder formula, make sure you have a few buildable foundation shades to blend for clients. If you’ll only be doing your own makeup, you may still want a couple shades for seasonal changes.


Powder helps to mattify shine and set makeup. A translucent powder is almost colorless and works well for a wide variety of skin tones.


After the skin is nicely evened out, blush is key to returning a lively flush to the skin. A blush product like the Scott Barnes Chic Cheek No° 1 palette gives you a variety of richly pigmented colors to blend as needed.

Bronzer and Highlighter

Bronzer can add a glowy warmth to the skin, while highlighter helps accentuate and brighten features by reflecting light. Together, they’re excellent tools for creating a dynamic, shimmery result.

Setting Spray 

This helps to seal in the finished look, prevent smudging, and extend wear. This is a must-have for looks that last through major events and activities.

For Eyes & Brows



Every makeup kit should have a varied selection of shadows, ranging from neutral and earthy to bright and colorful. They should also include a variety of matte, metallic, and shimmery shades. A few key eyeshadow palettes can go a long way.


Have a selection of eyeliners in a few different colors and types. Brown and black are musts, but colorful and bold shades widen your style options. A good liquid liner is also vital to have for that straight, sharp wing.


Mascara puts the finishing touch on any eye makeup look, helping to enhance and define the lashes. To cover everything from natural to glam, carry at least a brown, black, and clear mascara. You can add other fun colors for more editorial looks.

False Lashes

When you need to give the lash line a little extra drama, a good set of false lashes can do the job. Keep a few different lengths and styles of false lashes, like Luscious Lashes and Falsetto Lashes, in your professional MUA kit, along with a good lash glue.

Brow Products

Add a brow pencil, mascara, hold gel or other brow filler product to your kit for full, clean, eye-framing brows. A couple of shades are sufficient to fill a variety of eyebrow colors.

For Lips

Moisturizing Balm

A rich moisturizing lip balm helps soften and prime the lips before lipstick or gloss application. Always keep one in your kit to tackle dryness.

Lipstick & Lip Liner

Keep a variety of lipstick shades in your kit for various looks. A convenient lip palette is great for mixing custom lip color on the fly. You should also have a few shades of lip liner to help create a nice clean outline for lipstick application.

Lip Gloss

A variety of liquid lip glosses or a creamy gloss palette can give bare or painted lips a shiny, candy-like finish. At the very least, it’s always handy to have a simple clear gloss in your kit.

Must-Have MUA Tools


Make sure you have makeup brushes for applying and blending face makeup and eyeshadow, a liner brush for eye and lip liner, and appropriately shaped brushes for things like powder and highlighter. A set like the Scott Barnes Complete Pro Series 10-Piece Brush Set covers all your bases.


When you’re mixing makeup for custom shades, you’ll need a surface to blend them on. Make sure your kit includes a sturdy, easy-to-clean mixing palette, like the Scott Barnes Glass Makeup Palette.

Scott Barnes Glass Makeup Palette


You’re definitely going to need at least one case or bag to contain all of your products and tools. Something like a classic train case with a handle makes all your makeup readily portable. You can also organize your kit further (or prep your travel kit) with something like the Scott Barnes Holographic Makeup Bag.

Tool Cleaning Supplies

Some tools can be cleaned with the usual mild soap and water. For brushes, however, you’ll want products that can keep the bristles in good condition. A specialized brush cleaner and sanitizing spray will help you keep tools (and skin) clean.

Skincare, etc.

Every work of art deserves a clean, smooth canvas, and that includes makeup! Even if you’re working on a client who already has a good skincare routine, it’s a good idea to have a few things on hand just in case.

Oil-Free Makeup Remover

Even the very best artist needs an eraser. Whether you need to make small corrections or remove a look altogether, an oil-free makeup remover makes quick work of it without leaving an oily residue.


Whether you or a client need to remove a full face of makeup or simply clean the skin, a gentle cleanser is an important first step.


Dry skin is the enemy of smooth makeup application (and some makeup can dry the skin further). Keep a moisturizer on hand for post-cleansing application or especially dry spots.

Develop Your Own Fully Stocked MUA Kit

Ready to start building your own professional makeup kit? Head to Scott Barnes to find everything you need for the perfect selection!