Underwater Coral Reefs

Plastic, a Danger to Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are one of the most endangered habitats due to trash waste, and not enough attention has been paid to how plastic pollution affects coral reef health.

Much Work is Still Needed

Plastic debris has a direct effect on the development of disease by causing physical damage to coral tissue. In addition, by pathogens being carried within and between reefs, the spread promotes an increase in the risk of infection. 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year.

Map of Survey Regions

Time For A Change

April 22nd, Earth Day (my birthday), it’s up to each one of us to change this, even if you don’t live near an ocean, or a body-of-water. We human beings consume an alarming amount of plastic. I challenge each of us to try and reduce the amount of plastic used in our everyday lives.  Our office stays true to reducing plastic by using glass and other durable containers, avoiding plastic as much as possible. The Scott Barnes palette components we manufacture are recycled paper. I'm not trying to preach or claim to be an activist; am just trying to do my part in making this situation better. It's incredible to see Team Seas, The Ocean Cleanup, and millennials clean up the mess of previous generations.

I dedicated this shoot with the purpose of showing what a beautiful world we live in. We must conserve. We are the conservators. It is our job to preserve our planet.