Organizing Your Makeup Products

For some people, makeup organization seems to be a talent or even a passion. For others, it’s a dreaded chore that starts as spring cleaning and ends with digging through loose products again . No matter which kind of person you are, here are some organization ideas and tips that can help make the task easier.

Your Stuff Needs Storage

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Everything in your makeup kit needs to be stored somewhere, but some things need more dedicated space than others. Your three mascaras are easy to find a place for, but your 300 lipsticks and 52 eyeshadow palettes might need a bit more help.

It’s good to freely explore different practical solutions, but don’t start buying containers until you know what you actually need. Do a rough inventory of your products and take the time to plan. If it helps, sketch it. The goal is to have smart, efficient storage, not to impulse buy that cute organizer you saw on TikTok! (#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt)

Where (and How) to Store That Stuff

When planning, you can combine different types of storage to your advantage. Take a look at some common solutions and how you can use them for storing your makeup. 

Stackable Drawers and Bins

With trends, expiration dates, new brands and shifting personal tastes, your makeup collection changes over time. A good way to keep up is with customizable storage solutions like stackable drawers and storage bins. This lets you add or remove drawers and containers as needed, using the space more efficiently.

Shallow drawers and bins are ideal for the majority of makeup products (foundation, concealer, powder, lipstick, blush, mascara, etc.), which can be stacked or stood upright to fill the space. Deep, large drawers can be reserved for taller products, like large palettes, shimmer lotions or cleanser bottles.

Drawer storage often comes with dividers, and you can add your own additional dividers, drawer organizers and trays to keep things nice and tidy. Play around with your options!

Countertop and Shelf Storage

Counters, desktops and shelves offer plenty of space to keep tools and beauty products that you don’t want hidden in a drawer. There are dozens of ways to set up this kind of open storage, but here are a few ideas:

  • A lazy susan organizer with various products uses the space all the way around and lets you turn what you need toward you.
  • Use multi-tier and wall-mounted organizers to take advantage of vertical space.
  • A desktop filing rack can be used as a palette organizer and display.
  • Use decorative catch-all trays to stop yourself from hurriedly tossing things in drawers.
  • A tiered rack of lip glosses or nail polishes can be both a storage solution and a colorful display.
  • Keep makeup brushes on hand in an attractive pencil holder, vase, an old jar, or pouches.

Makeup Bags and Cases

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Makeup bags can be used inside storage drawers and other containers as a handy means of keeping contents separate. You could also use them to create ready-to-go makeup kits, then store them together for grab-and-go convenience.

A makeup case (or “train case”) with a handle is another great flexible storage option. Curate a selection of tools and products you can use to create a variety of complete looks. Take the case with you when you’re traveling, then shelve it as storage when you’re at home.

Arrange Your Products Your Way

Since you’re the one who will be using it, your makeup kit should fit the way you work. It’s great to take inspiration from others, but your arrangement should ultimately be about you. Here are a few organization tips for further personalizing your makeup storage.

  • If there are products you use often, consider giving them a special place for quick access. This could be a small makeup bag containing your go-to products, or maybe a countertop display of your latest favorites.
  • If you have regular clients with a diverse range of skin colors, it might be helpful to arrange products in their own color palettes based on what looks best with different colors and undertones.
  • Think about your signature style and makeup preferences. If you’re fond of intense or colorful eye looks, you might keep eye makeup nearest you in a top drawer. If you tend to be more lips-focused, make lip products more accessible.
  • If not, or if you just want to make as little work as possible, organize your storage. For example, mounting storage on the wall or placing it on a table eliminates bending.

Start Building Your Own Fully Stocked, Organized MUA Kit

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