How to Find the Right Concealer Shade for You

Finding the ideal concealer shade for your skin may lead to lots of makeup testing and exploration. One minute a concealer might look like a perfect match, but then in different lighting you discover the cakey, blotchy truth. Using the wrong concealer shade can leave skin looking discolored, so choosing one that matches your complexion is one of the most important steps to flawless-looking skin.

Here are some of the best ways to figure out exactly what shade of concealer is right for you, along with expert advice for how to achieve smooth, glowy skin.

Beautiful woman touching soft smooth facial skin

Tips for Finding the Right Concealer Shade for You

There are a few tips you can follow to give you the best chance at choosing your quintessential concealer shade.

Match Your Undertones

The natural hues and glow of your complexion are often referred to as your undertones. Golden or peachy glows are warm undertones, while pink or blue tones are cool. Having neutral undertones means having a mixture of these warm and cool tones.

Picking shades of concealer that complement your undertones is crucial, so you can seamlessly blend and effortlessly hide blemishes.

Find a Concealer That Suits Your Skin Type

If you have dry skin, you’ll want to stay away from matte concealers that can dry out your under-eye area and make your skin look flaky. Instead, opt for a dewy, hydrating cream concealer that helps your skin look radiant.

For oily skin, matte liquid concealer is often the way to go. Choose a matte option with oil-absorbing properties so you won’t have to over-powder your face to control the shine.

Pick a Concealer That Matches Your Skin Tone

Evaluate different makeup swatches and choose a few concealer shades that you feel most closely match your skin tone. Test these shades of concealer on your skin in natural light, and choose the one that you feel best hides any blemishes, dark circles, etc. You may have been told before that you should wear concealer or a foundation shade that’s lighter than your skin tone, but in most cases your concealer should only be one shade lighter than your skin.

Choosing a concealer or foundation color that matches your skin tone is best for concealing blemishes; choosing a slightly lighter concealer shade will help to brighten the area you are concealing, such as under the eyes or on the forehead and chin.

Blend a Custom Concealer Shade

If you’re having trouble deciding between two or more shades of concealers, you may want to use the Scott Barnes glass makeup palette to blend your own personal hue. Using a flat, non-absorbing surface to mix together different shades of concealers gives you the opportunity to create the perfect shade for your skin.

Essential Tools for Applying Concealer

Eye fan brush

The magic of concealer doesn’t only lie in choosing the right concealer shade. Using the appropriate tools to blend, mix, and apply concealer is essential. Most makeup artists apply concealer with a specialized concealer brush, making it a lot easier to blend and build coverage over your foundation.

Scott Barnes has all the tools you need for flawless concealer application, like the Scott Barnes Foundation Brush, #61 eye fan brush, or Five-Piece Travel Brush Set. Plus, if you prefer mixing concealers and cosmetics together to achieve a custom shade, there’s the beautiful Scott Barnes Glass Palette to make sure the blend is extra smooth.

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