How to Choose the Best Mascara for You

No matter what kind of makeup look you’re creating, mascara can enhance your eyelashes with an absolutely gorgeous, polished result. If you’re not sure where to start, this handy guide can help you find the best mascara to make your lashes stand out.

Tips for Choosing the Right Mascara

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For the very best results, do your research and take your time! Consider the following tips to help you find the right mascara before you buy.

Assess Your Natural Lashes and Define Your Goals

Consider how much volume and length you might like to add, how these will work for your eye shape, and what your natural lashes need to achieve the desired look. If you have thin, sparse lashes, for example, you may want to focus on a volumizing mascara product.

Explore Your Applicator Wand Options

The wand included with a mascara can have its own effect on the final result. A wand with a tapered tip, for example, allows for easy application to lashes at the inner corner of the eye. A curved comb shape, on the other hand, is focused on separating and adding curl to the lashes.

Consider Color

Although black is undoubtedly the most common, there are a variety of mascara colors that lend themselves to different effects and styles.

For example:

  • Brown tends to be a good choice for a more subdued, natural look. A perfect choice for younger individuals and beginners seeking something light and fresh.
  • Charcoal or black creates a bolder, more dramatic contrast - Great for smoky and evening looks.
  • Navy blue is a darker option that’s slightly more subtle than black. This choice creates good contrast while helping to draw out the color of blue eyes.
  • Various bright, rainbow colors are not necessarily for daily wear but perfect for fun editorial looks.

Pick a Mascara That’s Suited to Your Environment

Always make sure your mascara is practical for the day’s activities. If there’s a chance it might get wet, for example, make sure you invest in a waterproof formula. If you’re looking for mascara to wear with false eyelashes, on the other hand, choose an oil-free formula or a brand that is designed to volumize and separate lashes.

Reasons You'll Love the Pumped Up Mascara

Scott Barnes Pumped Up mascara is the perfect tool for adding volume and dimension to both natural and false lashes.

Here’s why Pumped Up is Scott’s go-to:

  • Waterproof formula
  • Highly pigmented
  • Protects and nourishes with an ultra moisturizing, glossy finish
  • Clump-free application
  • Proprietary Spiral Wand Design
  • Comfortable all-day wear (no fallout or raccoon eyes)
  • Works wonders on false lashes

To apply it like Scott, make short swipes horizontally to coat the lash base before swiping the product upward. Combine it with maXXX OUT mascara for an even fuller look.

Benefits of the New maXXX OUT Mascara

maXXX OUT mascara is Scott Barnes’ newest formulation, which creates an absolutely luscious, panoramic, 3D volumizing effect.

Here’s why you’ll love this mascara:

  • Luxurious, full 3D results with even more volume
  • Waterproof formula
  • All-day wear
  • Pigmented, glossy, rich finish
  • Nourishing formula protects lashes with natural oils
  • Hourglass brush for defined, clump-free application
  • Can be used on natural and false lashes
  • Can add additional 3D intensity to Pumped Up mascara

To apply it like Scott, make short swipes horizontally to coat the lash base before swiping the product upward. Combine it with Pumped Up mascara to give the lashes additional 3D intensity.

What to Look for in a Makeup Brand

When choosing the right cosmetics for you, it’s important to find a good brand you can trust. When browsing your options, look for positive qualities like these.

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  • Experience and expertise. Find out how long they’ve been making cosmetics and how much experience they/their founder have. A long-standing brand based on years of experience tends to be a good choice.
  • Quality formulations. Look for high-quality, nourishing ingredients that support skin and lash health. These help protect against damage, which is important with daily use.
  • Reliable products. Look for brands with products that are consistently well-reviewed and deliver on what they advertise.
  • Good value. Look for a brand that balances professional quality with affordable prices. Cheaper products may mean cheaper quality ingredients, while expensive products may charge a premium for the brand name alone.

Why You Should Add Scott Barnes Mascara to Your Collection

Scott Barnes is a trusted beauty expert with years of experience as a professional Hollywood makeup artist and cosmetics designer. All of his products are formulated using only high-quality ingredients for gorgeous, skin-healthy results. They’re also vegan friendly, gluten free and cruelty free, giving you the look you crave—safely and ethically.

For Scott Barnes, beauty and health go hand-in-hand. Scott Barnes mascaras don’t just paint the eyelashes, they also protect and moisturize them to prevent breakage or fallout. With artisan formulations that nourish and safeguard skin and lashes, Scott Barnes cosmetics help maintain a healthy, natural base.

Looking for the perfect mascara for you? Try the Scott Barnes Pumped Up mascara or the maXXX OUT mascara today!