Gold Eyeshadow Looks to Try for Glowing Eyes

Achieving a beautiful golden glow is all about creating light and warmth that appear to emanate from within. In addition to bronzing and highlighting the cheeks and body, the right gold eyeshadow is a striking way to bring grace and luxury to your look.

Here are a few ways to create a glowing golden eye makeup look that truly stands out.

Sheer and Sheen

For a cutting-edge look fit for a festival or editorial photoshoot, try a sheer, shining wash of gold color. This style is all about looking dewy and ethereal, as if that’s your natural state.

To achieve that high-fashion sheen:

  • Keep the application relatively light and simple. Broadly sweep on one or two shadows, but don’t worry too much about adding depth. Think low maintenance and outdoor friendly.
  • Choose muted shades and light, pearlescent golds. The Shimmering Sand mini eyeshadow palette has ideal hues and is easy to take along to events for touch-ups.
  • Another way to achieve a delicate sheen is to use a shiny gold cream shadow, liquid eye shadow or wet-look product. A clear gel can be accented beautifully with a few flecks of gold foil.
Shimmering Sand mini eyeshadow palette

Glitz and Glitter

Looking for something sparkly and romantic for a first date or night out? Recreate the vintage charm and gorgeous glam of Old Hollywood with plenty of shimmery golden glitz and light-catching glitter.

Try these tips:

  • Gently pat a brilliant gold color (like Scott Barnes Molten Gold from the Mesmerize palette or Starlet from the Snatural No 1 palette) over your lids, highlighting the brow and inner corner with a pearly pink, silver, rose gold or champagne.
  • Use dusty shades of rose, mauve or even red to amp up the vintage romance in the creases and corners.
  • Max your sparkle by popping a gold- or champagne-colored glitter product onto the inner corner of the eye. This creates a classic gold leaf foiled feel that gives attention to your gaze.

The Old Hollywood vibe is all about the lash line. Top off your golden glam with a classic ‘50s cat-eye liner and a luxurious set of lashes for the full effect.

Smoke Show

Mesmerize palette

Few looks are sexier or more dramatic than a classic smokey eye. With the addition of golden shadows, it becomes a mesmerizing mix of luster and luxury. Whether you want a wearable daytime look for the workplace or a smoldering evening look, there’s a way to serve a smoked shadow that glows like the embers of a fire.

For a more natural, daytime smokey look:

  • Use muted browns, grays and other neutrals around the outer corner and along the lash line to gently smoke out a soft gold or rose gold lid.
  • Use a transition shade with a golden shimmer to blend out any harsh lines while imparting a nice sheen.
  • Keep any liner and lashes relatively simple and understated for an elegant finish.

For a heavier, nighttime golden smoke:

  • Blend darker, high pigment shades with gold and bronze shadows to intensify the contrast and smokiness of the look. Scott Barnes shadows like Sin from the Snatural No 1 palette, Black Lava from the Mesmerize palette and Last Looks from the Atelier palette are great choices.
  • Make the lash line bold with a dark shadow and a thicker/longer wing. For a more editorial pop, consider topping a smokey black lash line with a metallic gold liquid liner.

Golden Goddess

If there’s one thing for which Scott Barnes is known worldwide, it’s his unparalleled ability to make his clients appear “lit from within.” With the right shades and placement, you can create a warm, organic glow that gives the vibe that you’ve just returned from vacation.

To achieve this luminous brilliance:

  • Sweep on shadows with warm bronze and copper tones to create richness and depth. This look is all about evoking those sun-kissed Grecian goddess vibes.
  • Use shimmery transition shades that blend nicely into the skin tone to create a look that appears to bloom naturally from the eyelids themselves.
  • Place bronze-gold highlights where natural sunlight would land on the face, such as along the brow bone. Scott Barnes Original Body Bling is a perfect choice for adding a sexy glow to both the face and body.

From Dusk Till Dawn

As any photographer or Instagrammer knows, nothing imparts an enchanting, emotive aesthetic like the transitional time known as “golden hour.” Named for the way the rising or setting sun temporarily bathes everything in warm light, this brief period is the perfect inspiration for a warm, softly glowing look that celebrates your features.

Here’s how to create a golden eye with sunrise or sunset vibes:

Use warm, sky-inspired pinks, mauves, purples and oranges alongside your gold shadow. A great Scott Barnes palette for this is Snatural No 1.

Snatural no-1 eyeshadow palette
  • Refer to images of the sunrise or sunset and follow the natural order of the colors to realistically reflect the horizon. Blend a bright gold into the inner half of the lid to highlight the area with “sunlight.”
  • For a dusky sunset look, think a little more sultry. Add a touch of smoke and shadow with night sky shades like Scott Barnes Editorial or Backstage, both from the Atelier palette.

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