Glam Out and Jam Out: Stage Makeup Looks That Rock

When you’re a performer, you know that looking good is just one of the many elements involved in giving the audience a great show. No matter how you want to appear or what message you want to send, the right stage makeup can help set the perfect vibe.

The Essentials

To create the most effective stage looks, your makeup kit needs the right tools. Here are a few key must-haves:

  • A set of essential brushes, including at least one flat and one tapered eyeshadow brush, a powder brush, a fan brush, a contouring brush, a blush brush, and two angled brushes for eyeliner and eyebrows
  • A selection of quality eyeshadows that covers your range of styles
  • A good concealer that matches your skin (to correct darkness without looking too bright on stage or on camera)
  • Contouring and highlighting products to give the face depth and shape under stage lighting
  • Waterproof liner and mascara
  • A setting spray for keeping makeup in place
  • Makeup wipes
  • A travel size makeup bag for stageside touch-ups

Own the Stage with Soft Glam Styles

Scott Barnes Body Bling

Soft glam is simple and pretty, emotional and enchanting. The style is less about intensity and impact and more about color and enhancement.

Try one of these three stage-ready soft glam looks when you’re about to steal the spotlight:

Glimmer and Glow

Shine bright with a sparkling look that glows from within. Use highlighter to create a dewy skin look and swipe a sheer, shimmery eyeshadow over your lids. Finish it off with long, flirty lashes and a glossy lip. For full-body glamor, try a shimmering body lotion like Scott Barnes Body Bling.

Peachy Pink

Add romance to your style with a peachy keen eye look. Use a pink shade on your lids and blend it outward into the surrounding skin. Then, pop a peachy hue onto just the lid. Gently blend the colors for a blooming sunset gradient, then add liner, mascara, lashes (optional) and a pink, peach, or nude lip.

Toasted Honey

If you prefer a more natural, earthy look, go for a warm golden brown eye. Place warm yellow, gold and tan shades over the lid and add depth with a dark brown in the outer corner and crease areas. Finish with a smooth brown liner and a toasty brown lip.

Bold Jam and Glam Looks for Extra Star Power

Take things to the next level by amping up the intensity with a bold glam look. For the kind of glam that slays instantly, try one of these especially striking styles.

Rockstar Smoke

A classic smokey eye translates to quintessential boldness. Place the darkest shade closest to the lash line, blending it upward into increasingly lighter shades. Use a tapered brush to smudge the shadow into the lower lash line. Add cat eye liner and a red lip for the perfect vamp.

Vivid Neons

Create a vibrant look by playing with bright, striking colors. Don’t be afraid to go heavy on hot pinks, bright blues, neon yellows and punchy purples. Take it even further with bright shades of liner, mascara, blush and/or lipstick.

Living on the (Sharp) Edge

For an edgy, almost futuristic vibe, embrace harsh lines and hard shapes. Think cut crease eyeshadow, straight-edged eyeliner, meticulous brows and simple geometric shapes. Let yourself get creative, but keep things clean and crisp.

Steer Clear of Stage Makeup Mistakes

Eyeshadow Palette

For the best results, keep these stage glam tips in mind:

  • Don’t skip the foundation. Foundation creates an even base that looks better under stage lighting. To combat the washout effect of the lights, use a slightly warmer shade than your typical go-to.
  • Don’t be stingy when applying stage makeup. A heavier, more intense application will be more visible under stage lighting. Be careful with foundation, though, as too much can look mask-like.
  • Don’t overdo it with glitter. Believe it or not, too much sparkle can be a bad thing. Use glitter intentionally to draw attention to features, but don’t douse yourself in it.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of sweat. Use waterproof, long-wear products that will stay put. Even if it’s usually hard for you to break a sweat, this isn’t about stamina. It gets hot up there, and you don’t want to look like you’re melting.

Cherish Your Makeup Bag Like You Cherish Your Gig Bag

Whether you’re a musician doing your own makeup or a makeup artist working with performing clients, you need a solid makeup kit for on-the-glow glam. As an experienced insider in the entertainment industry, Scott Barnes knows exactly what you need to truly look like the star you are (or help your client shine).

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