Fall Back: Gorgeous Looks to Try This Autumn

Autumn is finally here again. The kids are back in school, temperatures are dropping (at least hypothetically), and social media is once again fraught with very important battles over pumpkin spice and candy corn. Jokes aside, it’s a truly fabulous time of year that’s perfect for shaking off the old and welcoming the new, including autumn makeup.

Seasonal Styling

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The quintessential autumn is all about cool, crisp weather, cozy comforts, spooky sights and the wonder of nature’s eternal cycles. It’s a time of change and restoration, of letting go and settling in to rest a while. All of this can be seen reflected in fall fashion and makeup trends.

After the flash and fun of summertime, autumn style sees a return to practicality and simplicity. Turtlenecks and cardigans protect against the chill, while warm, earthy makeup looks evoke the natural shifts of the foliage. Where other palettes are light or frosty, fall colors and textures are rich and terrestrial. Reds, oranges, coppers, golds and warm browns are go-to colors for the season, as they bring a sensual earthy feel to a look.

If you’re looking to change up your signature style for fall, try a few of these seasonal lip, eye and face looks. Mix and match our suggestions for bombshell fall makeup ideas to last till winter!

Bold Lips

Some of autumn’s best lip looks are rich, deep and bold. Turn heads with one of these boss babe go-tos:

  • Berry-stained: Give your lips a deep berry flush by applying a purple-pink or other jewel-toned lip stain, paying special attention to the inner areas. This will create a nice bloom color you can top with a simple clear gloss. It’s like you’ve just eaten blackberry pie, sweet and savory all in one.
  • Vintage vamp: Take the red lip to new depths with a dark crimson or brick red. Carefully line the lips with a matching liner (or lipstick on a liner brush), then fill them with your shade of choice. For a vampy velvet feel, choose a matte finish.
  • Goth babe glam: Embrace your inner Tim Burton by playing with deep purple, dark brown and a deep velvety black lip. It’s a striking statement that adds edge even when worn alone.

Burnt Rust and Earth

Get down to Earth with nature’s rusty shades, hues, and divine-inspired eye makeup combos like these:

  • Toasty terracotta: Work rusty, burnt orange, terracotta and brick colors into your usual styles. This adds a rich touch to everything from a smoky eye to a coppery lip.
  • Leafy olive greens: Create a striking green eye with mossy, olive green shadows in various finishes (matte, shimmery, metallic). These colors also blend beautifully with gold and copper for an artistic look that’s reminiscent of the changing leaves.
  • Simply natural: Use neutral beige and brown eyeshadows to add depth and enhance your natural eyes. Swipe a shimmery beige over the lid and buff a woodsy sepia tone into the crease for an extremely easy everyday look. Something like the Scott Barnes Shimmering Sand mini eyeshadow palette is great for this, and it can travel with you for midday touch-ups.

Cat Eye Classic

Sometimes, all you need is a little eyeliner and a coat of mascara. Create classic elegance with one of these timeless cat eye looks:

  • Old Hollywood flick: Start by lining the upper lid as usual with a black liquid or gel product. At the outer corner, angle the brush to “flick” the end up and create a wing edge. Then, connect the endpoint of the flick back to the original line and fill for a distinguished wing that adds visual volume.
  • Sleek and sexy: Extend a long line of brown, gray or black liner across the upper lash line to create a slim, streamlined wing that elongates the eyes. Amp up the sex appeal by smudging a soft liner or harvest-toned shadow along the lower lash line.

Flushed in Blush

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Autumn blush and contour are all about recreating and enhancing the natural shape and flush of the face. Add color and depth with styles like these:

  • Soft and natural: Instead of sculpted contour and bright blush, opt for subtle shades and soft edges. If you do contour, buff a subtle shade into areas where you want a little depth. For blush, use an understated shade that’s similar in color to your skin’s natural flush.
  • Cozy rosy: Using a rosy shade that suits your undertone, gently blend color along the cheekbones, chin, forehead and nose tip. This creates a natural bloom that looks like you’ve just come in from the cold. Be careful not to overdo it on the nose; you want to look chill-kissed, not like you have a cold!

Morning Dew

Get that coveted dewy, glowy, “give-me-your-skin” look with these easy, breezy styles:

  • Fresh-faced: Let your natural beauty shine through with a super minimal, “no makeup” makeup look. Start with a lightly tinted BB or CC cream to even out your complexion while preserving that dewy, clean look. If desired, apply a light touch of gel or cream blush to add natural-looking color along the cheeks.

Use a clear or lighter-than-usual brow gel to clean up brows without adding too much fill. Keep eyes simple, with minimal liner and mascara, if any. Finish off with a light stain of color (see the “berry-stained” lip look above), or apply a thin layer of gloss or balm.

  • Warm shimmer: While lighter skin tones lose their tan in the fall, olive and darker skin tones can add delicious decadence and glow with gold-shimmer blushes and buildable bronzers. Blend and layer Scott Barnes Body Bling (in Original or Rose Gold for fall) along the cheekbones and wherever you want to draw the eye. This gives skin a soft glow that appears lit from within.

To carry the glow through the look, top your lipstick with a shimmery copper gloss like Scott Barnes Flossy Glossy in the shade Coins.

Create Captivating Fall Looks with Pro-Quality Makeup and More from Scott Barnes

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