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Palm Springs Behind The Scenes Summer Look

Palm Springs Summer Look

Released: Monday, September 21st
Runtime: 00:23:57

How To Apply A False Lash

Scott Barnes Lashes

Released: Monday, September 21st
Runtime: 00:03:06

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Frank Galasso Big Hair

Big Hair

Released: Monday, September 21st
Runtime: 00:06:06

Red Carpet Ready

Red Carpet Glam

Released: Thursday, September 10th
Runtime: 00:41:11

Editorial Glam

Editorial Glam

Released: Thursday, July 30th
Runtime: 00:51:10

Mature Makeup

Mature Makeup

Released: Thursday, July 9th
Runtime: 00:53:00

Makeup At The Gym

Makeup At The Gym

Released: Thursday, June 25th
Runtime: 00:44:00

Bridal Makeup With Tati Westbrook

Bridal Makeup

Released: Friday, June 19th
Runtime: 01:07:08

Don't Leave Makeup Lighting To Chance

Makeup Lighting

Released: Wednesday, June 17th
Runtime: 00:03:53

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These 8 Smoothie Ingredients Will Make Your Skin Glow

Makeup Smoothie

Released: Wednesday, June 17th
Runtime: 00:07:01

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Flutter Eye Lashes

Lashes Class Cover

Released: Monday, June 15th

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Emily Sears To Gisele

Emily Sears to Giselle Bundchen

Released: Thursday, June 4th

Makeup Water Test

Makeup Water Class

Released: Tuesday, June 2nd
Runtime: 00:11:09

Ever wondered which brand of water is best for your skin? Scott Barnes legendary makeup artist does the test for you.

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Lilly Ghalichi To Cher

Lilly Ghalichi to Cher

Released: Friday, May 29th
Runtime: 01:18:05

The Perfect Ponytail by Frank Glasso

Perfect Ponytail

Released: Tuesday, May 19th
Runtime: 00:27:16

Full Face Master Class

Full Face Master Class

Released: Friday, May 15th
Runtime: 01:52:27